Struggles with firmware update

Hello community,

I bought a used Anushri and wanted to sync it to my Electribe ER-1 via MIDI. There was a very noticable latency, so I did some research and found out that this might be because of an issue with an early version of Anushri’s firmware: Anushri MIDI clock - internal sequencer out of sync

I couldn’t find a link to the latest firmware on the Mutable Instruments website but there’s a link in the forum: Looking for the last compiled firmware file for Anushri (anu_0.91.hex)

There’s two files, anu.hex and anu_bootloader.hex. I tried to sent both files with MIDI-OX but it didn’t seem to work. What I did in detail:

I connected Anushri’s MIDI-In to my soundcards MIDI-Out and powered on my Anushri while pressing HOLD to start in firmware update mode (which seemed to work since every 2nd LED was lit). In MIDI-OX I chose “Actions > Send > SySex File”, configured “Delay Between Buffers” and “Delay After F7” both to 250 Miliseconds and then sent both files (bootloader first), but Anushri didn’t react (no automatic rebooting) and the latency problem is still there.

What can I do, can anybody help my?

Thank you a lot!

Problem solved, got a propper file: Anushri firmware update - MOD WIGGLER