Strong feature suggestion for Plaits

Hello everyone. I searched a little bit and saw that this wasn’t mentioned here.

I think it’s common knowledge here that despite Plaits’ simplicity at face-value, it’s endlessly deep. I have a suggestion that’ll open up new frontiers of modulation.

When modulation inputs are disconnected, the Trig envelope is sent to them by default. Thus, when a trigger is sent, they are modulated internally.

My suggestion is that when Trig and mod inputs are left unpatched, and Level is patched with a CV, the CV is sent through it, slewed by the slew-limiter that it provides, into the modulation inputs internally.

Every other functionality should stay the same and this new function can be disabled just like the internal Trig function, by setting the attenuverters to 12 oclock.

Thus, when you change the LEVEL value, you also change the FM, Timbre and Morph values, the depth of this modulation determined by the unpatched inputs’ attenuverter.


For this I personally use a stackcable multiple.


it’s not as immediate. Doesn’t invalidate you having a good time, but it’d be quite cool if this is added.

Some arguments against this:

  • Breaks what is described in the printed manual. I really dislike changes that invalidates principles and rules stated in the manual.
  • One more context in which the FM attenuverter cannot be used for fine tuning.
  • Confusion about what is routed to what when both the TRIG and LEVEL inputs are patched.
  • The LPG (controlled by the LEVEL CV input) isn’t always active, and in the percussive models, the LEVEL input is repurposed as an accent control. Does it really make sense to route an accent signal to the TIMBRE/MORPH/FM attenuverters?
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Good points.

For 1. yes, the manual would need an update.

  1. The FM knob can’t really be used for fine tuning in an experimental patching situation since you are likely to reach a point where you use the Trig input therefore it’s more reliable to reach your desired tuning with the frequency knob (it’s easy with the octave setting anyway). The point is we’re already at a stage where it’s rarely advisable to use it for that. Therefore a very small amount of potential workflows can be harmed.

  2. When both Trig and Level are patched, Trig would control the inputs, because otherwise you don’t use it at all when the Level input is used.

  3. If it doesn’t make sense - just turn them to 12 o’clock. But in the case of the percussion model, you’d be using the Trig input to retrigger them anyway, so my point 3 stands here.


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Once the code is back in shape (big refactoring in progress), I’ll make a file and post it here.

I am not thrilled at all about making it a part of the official firmware, though!


wow thanks though lol. cool to hear there are still more plans for Plaits! I’m making a video on it in the future - people don’t value it enough.

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