Streams vs Optomix?

I’m looking to add a dual-VCA of some sort and these both have additional features I’m interested in, but I’d love to hear from someone that may have used both about how they compare.

Back in former times i had an Optomix for about a Week, then sent it back because i didn’t like the Sound (and the Graphics - another Story). Streams performs way better here as simple LPG wit a better sound and a much brighter sweet spot(at least to my taste). But if you are interested in just some Vactrol Action you are only using 10% of Streams capabilities - mine is currently in the Living Room acting as Compressor/Limiter for tomorrows Birthday Party because my better half likes the look better than the RNC :wink:

when beta-testing streams, i also directly compared its vactrol emulation to my optomix. with early fw versions, i wasn’t too impressed by streams’ performance in this mode, but after olivier did some tweaks, i found that it came very, very close, especially in plucked/pinged mode, although to my ears at least, it still doesn’t quite reach my optomix’s vivid sproinginess. but it’s definitely close enough for most uses.

that said, i’m hearing that there is enormous variation between different optomixes, so it may well be that ‘the optomix sound’ does not exist. i can only speak for my paticular unit.

and of course, fcd is right to point out that streams has many other uses. it’s much more versatile than optomix.

I’ve read that there are big differences between vactrols, even between different batches of the same type, so that may explain differences across various Optomix units.


IMO, Streams is very good in plucked vactrol mode, and it won’t have any of the issues Optomixes are prone to, like excessive bleed, voltage offsets that appear in the output, etc. Besides that, you get a million other great uses out of Streams. The compressors are also really useful.

@fcd72, wow, Nick and Blixa playing in your living room! But not Tracey or Rowland, presumably.

vactrol variations are currently the bane of my existence. I’ve got 600 to sort through next week.

At least with Streams, you will get “the Streams sound” with every one.

Id like to have these guys for tonite. You definitively need one of these. Insert it in your Living Room Master Bus, set it to Supernice Mode, add a good stash of compression (presuming you don’t deal with any of todays compressed to death “Music”) and you have the perfect sound for any 20 People Dinner Party. Maybe Edisonize the Audio, first. Or just use Streams :wink:

@exper: very important point about the bleed! i’d say that’s the biggest advantage streams in vactrol-lpg mode has over optomix: no bleed.

Yeah, to rerail: The Vactrol emulation is more on the analytical, clear and clean side and lacks any of the quirks an full analog LPG has. Its more Ripples than Polivoks :wink:

I heart optomix

Recommend Streams …more versatile and eminently excitable

I haven’t tried it on my optomix, but maybe adding a 1k resistor to ground at the output could fix the bleed issue. This is what I do on my passive Vactrol gate module