Streams : Switching modes

I have a little issue when switching modes.

More specifically when i want to pass from Vactrol mode back to Env Generator mode, using Streams as only VCA/VCF for that voice and going out directly without a mixer in between. I use a gate out to excite Streams in both modes. Both modes have similar controls and can be used without having to re-patch, and if there is no gate there is no output.

But to get back into Env Gen mode i have to cycle through the follower and Compressor. These modes use different controls and especially the compressor will have an output while the gate is down. So to avoid to hear sound passing from 1 mode to another a VCA is needed post Streams.

No matter how fast i push the mode select button, there seems to be a lag and i hear the sound of the compressor mode for the same time length.
Led shows already Env Gen mode but i still hear the sound of the comp for the time it needs to switch the mode.

I know Streams was not designed for dynamic switching of modes while performing, but the above is a bit troublesome, especially if Streams is used as final module.

Is it possible to mute the out while modes are switched? For ex the mode becomes only active after 1 second of no mode change.

Pull out the cable?

The cable between my balanced out module and streams?
Then i have clicks and noises, and still need a VCA between Streams and the output module.