Streams sound bleed

tried to search fr the problem but I have only found one post talking about it and never resolved.
I have a streams that lets sound patched in the IN bleeding through quite heavily.
The bleed disappear when I turn MOD full clockwise but letting undefined noise through.
Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance

Have you calibrated it?
Is level mod turned fully anti-clockwise?

I did calibrate it but I do not remember how the mod pot was turned.
do you mean I have to turn mod fully anti-clockwise when calibrating?


I did actually try to recalibrate now with mod fully anti-clockwise and this does not work.
Even during calibration I have a continuous bleed (right channel louder than left channel).

I guess this is more a question for @pichenettes please?

thanks a lot in advance.

Yes, I think so.

Contact me through the Mutable Instruments website, you’ll have to return the module to me.

ok thanks