Streams settings saved on startup?


Quick question:

Should the Streams module save, for instance, Siamese mode in memory? For me, I always have to reset it to Siamese each startup.


This should be saved. I’ll have a look…

My Streams seems to lose its metering setting when the power is turned off.


The bug is that the Siamese twin mode setting is not saved right after it is enabled. The setting is correctly saved if you change another setting after that. So a quick workaround is to cycle through the 4 modes or change something else (like the metering setting) after you have enabled the Siamese twin setting.

I can post the .wav file here if you need it urgently and if the workaround is too cumbersome for you. The main Mutable Instruments site is frozen until the redesigned site is launched - when the redesigned site is launched, there’ll be a download link for this fix.

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As for the metering settings… they are always saved, I can’t reproduce toneburst’s bug. Any hint? Are other settings saved correctly?

Thanks for checking. I seem to have to both cycle the modes and metering for it to remember its setting, if I’m not totally mistaken. But in any case, this is a workable workaround, will be eagerly checking the site! Thanks again.