streams resonance mod

Who knows how to add resonance to Streams ?

Given the topology of the filter, there’s no straightforward way to do that.

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Thank you,
but what will happen if I connect a variable resistor between the pins number “7” of the IC7B (TL072D) and the pin number “15” of the IC8D (V2164SZ)? I do NOT need a full resonance, I need a little resonance , as in the first channel of Make Noise LxD

Not enough phase shift for resonance.

Maybe try patching it externally?

Then what modules do I need, so split the output of the Streams and sending a signal back to the input, get a resonant filter?

Please see how the resonance is implemented in this filter :
If I need to cut a couple of tracks on a circuit board and solder a couple of resistors - no problem.

This is a SVF. Streams is not a SVF.

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I need a resonance in the filter, very.
Here is a LPF :

These are the schematics for a 4-pole cascade filter.

Streams is a two-pole cascade filter, you don’t add resonance with the same approach.

Why can’t you just believe me and accept my replies?


If what you want are filters, buy filters :slight_smile:


i don’t need another filter i need resonance on streams

So, what NOT straightforward way to add a little resonance to Streams LPF ?

Remove the entire filter circuit and put a new one there with resonance.

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