Streams Noise Issues

I just bought a Streams and I’m liking it, but I’ve run into a little noise issue. I notice a consistent hum / buzzing when the vactrol/envelopes are opened up by the excite input. the hum doesn’t change, just gates on when the envelope is open at all, and gates off when the envelope fully closes. So when the envelope decay has almost faded out plaits, I can still hear the hum at the same volume.

The noise/hum is most notable in AD and vactrol mode with mod knob set before 2 ‘o clock (filter turned down). Becomes less audible very quickly when turning past 2 o’ clock.

Also the hum is present only when level knob is opened by the excited envelope or manually.

I know there is a voltage that is applied without input, but I’m getting the same issue with or without input.

Does the noise change depending on the position of the module in the rack?

Can you send to a recording (.wav or .aiff file) in which a 10Vpp sine wave (the output of any Eurorack oscillator will do!) goes through the module, then the “silence” that follows by unplugging the jack from the oscillator (and thus leaving the input of Streams connected to a “dummy” patch cable). The noise might be within the specs of the module.

No change when I change position in my rack. Noise is still there. Sending those audio files. Thanks a lot!