Streams Excite in level

I have tried to use Streams with Audio (modular hot level) in excite level , first as an enveloppe follower then in other modes , and it seems this audio needs to be amped by a huge amount (pittsburgh in/out then Ampmix then SSF PTG in amp mode) to get a very faint result as cv out , or even as a trig or side chain. Re calibrated levels as explained (linear response) , to no better results…

1/ Where does the audio come from?
2/ Envelope generator and Vactrol modes don’t expect audio, but triggers or CVs.

I tried first a properly amped Bass gtar , then my hotter oscs (Sputnik Dual osc thru VCA , Verbos Harmonic oscillator)then Radio Music module speech samples.

the follower mode is what i’ m interested in primarily

What is the position of the other knobs of the module?

Tried them all! But in follower mode , the shape mode most times below 9 , and the level over 12

> and the level over 12

Then you are applying a constant offset on top of the VCA modulation coming from the module - you might not want to do that.

Ok thanks Pichenettes, when having nothing in the IN , the LEVEL knob is giving an offset on OUTput but no enveloppe from the signal in EXCITE IN , unless I super XXXXXamp it.

To be sure I used the (followed)ENV CV out on Tides as V/OCT as it is very sensitive and noticeable

Response curve set to linear or exponential?

Expo most of the time

… which means that unless the envelope follower detects a signal at full amplitude, you’ll get tiny signals.

What happens when you set the response to linear?

its lame and wimpy