Straytechnologies oneString

Guess you’ve all seen it already…
oneString kickstarter

I was thinking that this thing would be totally great to use with a Shruthi-1!

my only concern is that it would drive me totally nuts like the mini YM synth is currently doing. For those who don’t know it, the oneString is made by a guy called Wil Lindsay aka Straytechnologies. He’s done quite a couple of interesting projects like the afore mentioned mini YM and the bliptronome conversion kit.

The oneString currently is designed to run with usb into the laptop or pc, it won’t work directly with MIDI, which is a bit of a downside when thinking about the use with something like the Shruthi-1. It’s probably possible to build a simple midi shield for it, like for the mini YM synth…

These kick starter projects are fascinating. My iPad is wrapped in one. Seriously cool stuff. Thanks!

Of COURSE I already asked Wil about 5-pin MIDI. He said it’d require a different circuit than the YM but he’d try to work something out for us. :smiley:

that sounds great! I demand a PCB this time though! :smiley: Since I’ve just realized that I’m not ready for too complex projects (meaning that I’m not ready for anything that goes beyond a nicely made kit with assembly guide!)

eh… how about this one?

Ribbon controllers should be analog though. There’s a lot lost when you digitize it :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting but looks complicated to build.
the most interesting option right now (now that I remember) is still this one:
USB midi and CV/gate for analogue gear and even has it’s own built in synth :slight_smile:

@rumpelfilter that does look interesting. Still like the look of the Magma too. That and the Pulse2 are still on my select list of new non-kit stuff I’d like to try (and maybe buy).


but the Magma is a monosynth, don’t get the link the the ribbon controller… But yeah I agree, the Magma looks great!

@rumpelfilter the link is they’re made by the same people


ahhh you’re righ! :slight_smile:

Looks interesting but I wish I wasnt so put off by kickstarter. For some reason anyone who can make noise with an 8 bit mcu has a kickstarter thing going and the whole “selling it before it exists” approach really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They should leave the 8bit noise stuff to that cleaver French guy, he seems to know what he is doing…

hahaha yeah you have a point there!
but still some really great projects have been funded through kickstarter so I wouldn’t diss it from the start.

Oh, I’m not dissing it, it looks pretty cool actually but after a bad experience, I am much more suspicious about peoples claims on kickstarter

Hey all,
Honestly I was never too trusting of kickstarter either until we fundraised for an 8bit event in Philly, and I saw how it worked.
Until now, I’ve always funded these start-ups with pre-orders through forums and my website. That said, kickstarter is a great tool to gauge if there is enough interest in odd/unique projects.

Anyway, as much as I appreciate the interest in the oneString, I really think the coagula project:

might be better suited for the Shruthi-1, as it was designed with 5-pin midi from the start. Keep in mind that most of my little projects are USB driven to keep the price and complexity down for new experimenters. They are a long way from the robustness of the Shruthi-1.

What a nice coincidence. I have all the oneString parts here and was just wondering how I can connect it to the Shruthi I plan to build.

I have two softpots, so I think I will also grab a long pressure sensor and make something more similar to the Coagula.

Some pointers on adding a DIN connector to my oneString would be welcome. Or any other way I can connect the two.

You really should ask the guy who made it, I doubt anyone on here has a copy of the schematics/knowhow to do so… :confused:

The guy who made it is on this Forum sometimes. I am not sure he checks it regularly though.

The guy who made it is right here in this thread. Anyway, here is the schematic and photos of a build to get a better idea.

I don’t have a PCB for it yet, so I am flexible on adding/moving components.

oops! guess i didn`t read carfully enought

I looked a bit more into this and it seems quite simple. This page has lots of useful information:

Basically, I have to connect the ATMega TX pin to pin 5 of the DIN connector. Some examples only use a 220ohm resistor.

This one has a PNP transistor:

This has a hex inverter, NPN transistor and 10k resistor:

Do I really need the transistor if I only have a MIDI OUT?