Strange Yarns Issue

Hi there,

I’m not even quite sure how to articulate this issue, but here it goes. I’ve been using my Octatrack to sequence and play my modular for months using Yarns with no problem. Unfortunately today I’ve come across an issue that is really strange and am at a loss on my end.

In 4m mode, I have two parts - one sending both CV and gate, and the other just gate. When I push play on the Octatrack, everything works fine for about 2 bars - the notes play as they’re suppose to, the clock is in time, it’s great! But seemingly randomly, or after about 2 bars, Yarns freaks out and starts playing things out of time and even different notes.

I notice the LED lights, when working properly, will light up when a note/trig is sequenced in time - how it should work. But when Yarns freaks out, the LED light for each of the two parts just stays constant and everything gets real choppy and random.

It’s weird because I powered it on and off a few times, and at least one of those times seemed to fixed the issue. It’s also weird that through 2 bars, Yarns seems to work just fine…

Hopefully someone here can help!!!


Would it be possible to use a MIDI monitoring app to check if the Octatrack is not sending a CC or another MIDI message that could change Yarns’ configuration?

Potentially. I’m not familiar with any MIDI monitoring apps, but I could look into that. I will make sure the OT isn’t sending any CC data…

Do you have a recommendation for MIDI Monitoring apps?

Maybe I should just update the firmware?

Update: Tried again this morning - Yarns was working just fine for about 20 minutes, then repeated the issue.

I noticed this time it seemed to be linked to using the ARP function on the Octatrack. As soon as I tried to send an ARP through, the system failed.

Why would it solve anything?

On OS X, I use MIDI Monitor.

On Windows, I have heard good things about MIDI OX.

I currently use MIDI Monitor on a macBook, but have used MIDI OX on Windows before, and they are both good products (and free to download). Make sure that you tick the clock filter box on either, otherwise your readings will be swamped with clock info.

It might be worth setting the Yarns’ MIDI out to THRU, and taking two sets of readings before and after the Yarns to see if there are any differences.

Okay - thanks for your help everyone.

I’ve downloaded the midi monitor and I’m running some tests. It would appears as though when I send midi to Yarns (CH 2 & 4) and/or my SH01a (CH1) the system works as expected. No issues at all, but, when I send Midi to the Prophet (CH 8) in addition to Yarns, the sequencing gets messed up.

It’s as if the inclusion of the notes that are sent to the Prophet on CH 8 interfere with Yarns properly reading the midi messages.

I’m attaching two photos - the first is with only Midi CH 4 running, and the second is with CH 4and Ch 8 (Prophet).

Just Yarns - Untitled 2021-09-07 at 1.58...

Yarns & Prophet - Untitled 2021-09-07 at 2.00...

The midi data looks to be sound, but if you could hear the audio… it’s clear that something is wrong here.

Maybe I should try daisy chaining the midi into Yarns then the prophet…

Thanks, and sorry for how confused I am on this. Really appreciate all your help.

So, the whole rig seems to work just fine until I send midi data to the Prophet, then everything comes tumbling down.

The photographs certainly don’t show anything obviously wrong. What order do you have things in?