Strange sound in the background

Hello! I own an Anushri and I’m pretty happy with it, but there is something I don’t understand and I would like to know what I can do to correct it.

There is a very awful numeric sound wich is always played in the background of the sound and I really don’t like it.
Here is a link so you can here what I’m talking about :
You can here it very clearly when the note end.

So, is there a way to reduce/wipe out this sound without filtering it with an external device? Is it normal or is it a bug?


What exactly bothers you?

There is a high frequency carrier signal type of sound at the end of every note, which tracks the played note… I haven’t heard it on mine, so I assume you did something to cause it to appear… Not normal(to me).

Ok thanks for the answer!
Yeah I was talking of this kind of 8 bit sound you hear when the envelope goes down.

Does someone know what can be the reason for this?