Strange self-oscillation on Shruthi SMR-4 mkII

Hey guys.
As I wanted to tune the filter of my Shruthi, I realized, that it doesn’t self oscillate properly. Also its self-oscillation is very quite.
Here is a sample of the self-oscillation sound:

Does the resonance still appear to work overall?

Check if one of the 4x 1nF cap is misplaced or badly soldered (photos of the board would help).

you were right, one of the 1nF caps was badly soldered, I resoldered it and now the self oscillation sounds normal. thanks!

Hello everybody!

I’ve got a very similar problem.
The self oscillation is very quiet, I need to set the Cut off to max.
I checked the signal path of the filter, and I’ve got audio signal in every metering point.
The soldering points seems to me OK, I’ve metered shorts beetween the legs of the wired parts.

I’ve attached pictures of the board.

Any idea?

To be honest: most of your solder joints look too dry to my taste. As Olivier stated before in the DIY resources they should look more like tits. The possibilty that one of your joints is too dry to have contact is very high…