Strange problem with Shruthi XT


I have a strange problem with my Shruthi XT. I build it like 1,5 year ago and it was functioning fine. Yesterday i decided to glue the push buttons and discovered that one of these buttons wasn’t soldered properly. So I decided to take it apart and solder the pushbutton. I also added some solder to some knob solder points. This was all that I did. I re-assembled the unit and it didn’t work anymore. Black display and some random leds lit up. I couldn’t do anything. Now I checked the voltages on the filter board and the control board and these seem all ok. I really don’t know what to do with it. Is it possible that the ATMega chip is broken? Or the LCD? Looking forward to some help. Kind regards, Jules.

Could it be the regulators did touch the Digital Board?

I think they didn’t but I’m not entirely sure. What if they did?

Sometimes the regulators touch the control board. This usually creates a short around the 165 IC that is controlling the buttons. When the buttons don’t work the ATmega get’s confused before it can start up. Especially 4PM filtersboard are prone to cause this.
Your ATmega and LCD are probably ok.

Yeah - experience from 275 years of troubleshooting. If this is the cause you are invited to drop on by for a BarBQ, shiftr!