Strange midi issue

I’ve got something strange up with my shuthri, that was workign fine, and the only thing that’s happened since then is I ran it through a delay pedal that I built.

I get no sound when I play the notes: E, B (and octive) and F sharp, A Flat and I think C Sharp - but I do get a midi activity indicator. I thought it was my midi controller but I’ve just tested it with another 2 and it does exactly the same thing. So it’s not the controller.

Any input would be greatly appreciated


Have you somehow entered poly chain mode? it’s in the MIDI settings.
“1>| indicate that this unit is at the end of the chain, 2>1 indicates that this unit is followed by one unit, 3>2 indicates that this unit is followed by 2 units, etc.”

You’ve probably messed with this setting:

> rag (raga): Scale/keyboard mapping.

These are various alternate tunings and scales. Set it back to the first value (equal temperament).

I don’t think I have done that - but I will check

Amazing! It was Rag :slight_smile: Thanks so much!