Strange LFO to filter behavior

Hi folks!

I’m using an external midi controller with my Ambika and have noticed a weird problem when I try to assign CC no 9 “LFO to filter (growl)” to any of the knobs on it. The knob I assign the CC number to works so to speak that it changes the lfo2 in the filter sektion like it should but for some reason the synth remains absolutely silent unless the knob is turned so that Ambika shows either 0 or 32 (0 or 64 on the controller). All other values in between and above silents the synth completely. I does however receive midi signal and the diodes on the voice cards and frontpanel light up but there is no sound whatsoever. Anyone else had this problem? All other parameters I’ve assigned work perfectly and I’ve this particular one on several different knobs with the same result and it doesn’t depend on the program either. Strange…


Sorry guys, never mind my question above I’ve been running the midi through Logic Pro 9 and I just now thought of connecting the keyboard directly to Ambika and that solved the problem… So there seems to be some other message that tags along from Logic from that particular number for some reason.