Strange behavior when loading presets

Hi Guys,

i bought a Shruthi XT second hand, didn’t assemble it myself, but do have experience in assembling other projects previously…

So this is happening, when I select a patch, it loads, with some strange parameters…

lets for arguments say patch 13 - teebee, it would load with the filter turned right down (for argument sake, lets say its an position 10), so it just sounds like a drone… now here’s where it gets tricky;

the knob of the filter would not respond to any changes, till i get it to the position it loaded at, so i would need to drop it down to 10 before it would register any change… and this happens with all the parameters.

is this normal behaviour?

Also, i need to find out what firmware its running and if there’s an update, I only just got it yesterday so i havent looked into it enough - any help on that would be appreciated.

most of the resources i find are regarding the Shruthi-1 rather than the XT for some reason… maybe im looking in the wrong places :confused:

It’s normal. Some people like when synths behave this way because it prevents sudden parameter jumps when a parameter is changed after a preset has been loaded.

But you can disable this behavior, it’s called “snap mode”, and I bet it’s set to “on” on your unit. Just set it to “off” and immediately press the 6th button to save this setting.

Shruthi XT and the classic Shruthi share the same manual and the same firmware
In the system settings there is an option “sta” (startpage): when set to “splash screen” the shruthi is showing its firmware version on start up.

@pichenettes: somewhere I saw a version 1.03 for Shruthi, but can’t find it anymore?

Thanks for the replies guys, snap mode wouldnt make sense on an XT would it? it would only make sense on the small shruthi-1?

thanks again!

It does make sense on the XT if you don’t want a discontinuity to occur when tweaking a knob after having loaded a preset: the knob will do something only after it matches the value loaded from the preset.