Strange behavior of one LED (solved)

I noticed a problem with LED 15. It only light up yellow, green does not work. I think, it cannot be a build error, right? And where can I buy such a LED ( it was one of the kit)

A bad solder joint or bridge on one of the 595s?

hmm, it looks all good, and if i switch the colors in the software, it works as intended … but with the wrong color… no green …

So you mean the LED is yellow no matter what?

no, it is yellow, when it has to be yellow and it is off, wenn green should be on

ok, I desolder it and I can generate -2,8V 0,12V and +2,8V between the poles of the Led …think the problem was the LED … ( now it is destroyed)

I cannot find yellow/green by Reichelt, but I think yellow/red it cool, too for LED 15

ok, I replaced today this led und it is fine now …