Story of a Mutable wolf!

yes i have here a beast looking like a spider with mutable instrument goodies inside!

The signal of a shruthi control board were routed (everything in parallel) to four filterboards (4PM, 2SVF, Yellow Magic, Polivoks)
I routed all the inputs and outputs to the front panel and added a little mixing/balancing of the 4 outputs to get a fifth output!

So i can use one of the 4 filterboard at time (normal shruthi) or i can experiment and reinject the signal of one filter board to another filter board to get a richer sound! Of course, in the shruthi settings i can only choose to control one filter “accurately” for the others filterboards, we get what we get!
Good for experimenting!
After two days of playing with it, i will say that i can get more complex and fatter sounds than those i was getting when i had only the 4PM filterboard.

Wonderful !

Maybe you want to consider to remove the analog 405x switches on the with manual ones so you can determine the filter setting - sacrificing the ability to save the complete settings for all Filter boards for the sound, winning better control

Wow, that’s amazing! Post some sound samples!

Wow. Frankenstein’s monster! That is some serious work. I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like. Cheers.

wow was my thought too. Can you get all four sounding at once?

That face plate is cool!
Now where are some sound demos? :slight_smile:

what connectors are those? (left side of the front panel)

never seen those i think

hi, congratulation for this !
what sort of wallwart can support that, 1A, 2A?

Hmmm, I’ve been out-stacked.

A stacking throw down! What’s next, five, six, twenty!?

Shrubika, mono unison synth?

@fcd: Thanks for the switches sugestion but i will keep it simple and “savable” for now!

@ bendy john: yes the four can sound at once but when one filter is choosen in the setting, the volume can be sometimes quite low in another filter or the ym filter can make sound even without playing a note (when another filter is set in the settings), A bit wild sometimes :slight_smile:

@loderbbast: those are Lemo connectors (used in industry but expensive i just have plenty of those in stock but they are not at all compatible with usual audio connectors.

@ denis: I’m using a small 9V 1.6A transformer, it is not eating at all!

Some samples thaht i made quickly just to get a rough idea:

A boring midi sequence (notes C4,C3,C2) is sent to the shruthi wich as the moof patche loaded and i change the conection after each sequence (see soundcloud comments)

  • with 4pm filter selected in the settings

  • with 2svf filter selected in the settings

  • with YM filter selected in the settings (for this one i modiffied the patche to get a bit of delay)

  • YM in the setting and scrolling trough the first 80 shruthi patchesYM (with the four filter connected in series)

All theses sound just came out of the box without any patche tweaking/programming, i will try to program some interesting patches!

And some less boring " sounds":
i know … my keyboard skills are wonderfull! :slight_smile: