Stopping program change

Is there a way of stopping midi program change data on the Shruthi?


This sounds like a job for a MidiPal! The default use mode for me is the wonderful MIDI event filter.

This has been a hassle for me as well. I use my Shruthis as a single poly synth so the controller goes into a MIDI patchbay, as do the Shruthis and MIDIPal. I can’t use the filtering on the MIDIPal because it is used to control the Shruthis. Instead, I keep a single blank preset in the MIDI patchbay that doesn’t send anything to anything. As long as I remember to hit that preset before changing things on the controller, I’m fine. Otherwise, I’m resetting 6 Shruthis.

Sounds like it’s time for the next MIDIPal…

Or a custom firmware…

Thanks for the comments guys, to be honest the get around I have been using is sending midi to it from something that either doesn’t send program change data like my Gorf sequencer or my Korg R3 which can turn off that feature. The reason I ask is because I decided to send note date to it from my Mininova (instead of the R3) and you cant turn the prog change data off on that particular synth