Stomping the boxes with modules

Im wondering the best way to run my modular through some analog guitar pedals. I know the modular signal is rather hot and it seems my Carbon Copy Delay just let’s the sound be bypassed rather than affected by the effect. I’d rather not waste mixer outputs attenuating the signal. Could I create a passive attenuator to bring the signal down in front of the effect?

Yes, you could. There are modules from the likes of doepfer for this exact scenario, but in a pinch, a pot should do it.

Thanks buddy

Here’s Pittsburgh’s take on it, building or buying something with a gain stage back into the modular would be nice if you want to use your pedals as an insert rather than a final stage. There’s probably other options, too.

Or this

this is very interesting. I have used quite a few stompboxes with synths and never had problems, but now would like to have some also in a modular setup (a nice reasonably priced tap-tempo delay seems hard to find in euroland). Does anyone know if the doepfer module (a138) is good at its job? I have the external-in, and it’s a bit noisy even at low gain. Alternatively, I though about a passive attenuator (like the AT-AT-AT), into stompbox, and then back into this one: “Gozinta”: to get back to modular levels? Would also provide two channels instead of one.
Any ideas if this would work? Or better use the stompbox as the last “module” only?

Also, Ken Stone has a Stomp Adpter PCB

Oh yeah! Forgot about the CGS/Stone option. That is what I would do. Been planning to get one of those PCB sets but haven’t done so yet since I wanted to try to make the shipping count, but most od his boards are not easily Euro compatible due to sizing

Best setup is a Re-Amping device like an X-Amp going into the Guitar FX and then a DI box going back to line input.