Stompbox / Pedal DIY recommendations requested


after the great luck Ive had so far with recommendations, Im looking for some nice DIY pedals/stompboxes for my gear to use.

My brother was in town for a few days and I sold him my farfisa soundmaker for a good price and he was running it through an Electro Harmonix Small stone phaser + Boss Flanger = Instant Jarre Oxygene

Does anyone have any recommendations of DIY versions of those or something similar>? Im really enjoying this idea of creating somrething out of parts , and then using that to create music



For phaser the late great Juergen Haible had a few, also Marc Bareille (Papareil Synth Labs) has a clone of the full on MADNESS that is the Mutron Bi-phase. Also, a DIY Smallstone can be found at

Bergfotron has a good phaser (very small-stone like!) also the Arp Quadra phaser is worth cloning, at least based on samples I’ve heard. Schems are out there…

Jojjelito: Thanks, I remembered my Nord Micro has a good phaser module in it so I was able to create
a fairly decent small stone effect using a LFO and some white noise filtered through it. For flangers though Ill have to keep experimenting.

I really want to still build something standalone, so those links will be very helpful, thanks!

get a Gristleizer :wink:

Music PCB

i am just building an Echo Base delay as I have a couple of PT2399s knocking about . Nice pcbs.

this guy as well Pedal Parts UK

I am finding I am getting a habit, I keep building them.