[Stock] Warps Hardware Question

Hey there,

I just got around to replacing the panel on my stock Warps, and noticed the voltage regulator on the top right gets very hot. Not too hot to touch, but very close to it. Is this normal? The module works fine otherwise.

Looking at the module:

Left leg of Regulator: 3.8v-5.0v~
Middle leg 3.8v-5.0v~
Right leg: 3.8v-5.0v~

> Is this normal?


Cool, thanks. How hot is “too” hot? I’m just worried it may not be normal. It does get hot, within 3~ seconds or so it’s enough to pull my finger away, and the heat dissipates to the other side of the PCB a little bit. The module does work fine.

Absolute maximum temperature for the lm1117 regulator is 150°C. Recommended operating condition is between 0°C and 125°C. And it offers thermal shutdown. So, if it gets to hot it shuts down.

Cool, yeah thanks for the info. Sounds like I have some wiggle room. I’ve just never felt something that hot in a working circuit so it just concerned me. Voltages all check out though.


It’s not unusual for voltage regulators to get hot. Also temperatures above 50°C are feeling very hot already and can burn your finger.

Thanks for the info! I’m waiting for my friend to get his, and then I’ll compare the heat. If they’re both relatively the same I’ll feel better. :slight_smile: