STM32F4, CooCox and audio bootloader

Greetings all!

I’m starting to get into stm32 development using the discovery board and the CooCox IDE.

The MI audio bootloader looks really interesting, but I’m not at all sure how/where I would be able to integrate this code within the CooCox environment, as kind of a standalone, i.e not along with other MI sourcecode such as braids.

I understand the basic concept behind the code, know that it resides at a particular address, prior to the firmware, and swaps in the new firmware, cool!

If anyone can give me a few tips I would greatly appreciate it! Has anyone use coocox as part of their MI toolchain?

Thanks in advance,

I use Nucleo STM32L152RE for my project HANSY1010 and CooCox too.
But i don’t use the MI code.