STM32 programmagle voltage detection and BOR

I’m trying to get my head around the PVD and BOR in stm32. Trying to understand how to use it to keep the reset held whilst powering on - like a supervisor (eg in the case of a rack suffering large inrush currents and unable to deliver the required current/voltage to modules on startup).

Is the PVD and BOR useful in this case? Is it used in MI modules? (I can see in some of the files the flash BOR is set to the lowest level ie lowest voltage detection).

Sorry if these are dumb questions but I’m just trying to understand how it works… thanks a lot.

The default settings should be fine.

I noticed a few instances where Marbles does not boot for the reason you mention, and tried messing with the BOR settings – that’s why there’s the code you noticed. It doesn’t solve all cases, though.

Thanks Emilie! That’s really helpful. Maybe I’ll look at hardware supervisors (still very new to this! Loads of reading to do!)