STM32 development board (?)

Just taking my first steps in embedded development ! Setup the mutable dev environment tonight to build and modify some firmwares - started messing around (braids code) - having fun!

I’m keen to play with some dsp coding and algorithm development with the aim of making some personal eurorack module(s) for my fun (absolutely no intention of anything commercial - it’ll be purely for fun!). Got a few ideas related to neural nets and some stochastic models. (Maybe a bit Turing machine-like but with Markov models - very vague ideas at the mo…). Shouldn’t be too processor intensive - probably quite a bit can be done with lookups… but may need decent sized memory ??? (Not really thought about it much - only started playing with ideas tonight).

My question is - which stm32 dev board would you recommend ? (I own factory rings and clouds and I’ve built an O+c and two Braids - I guess my options would be to either play with a dev board/play with the o+c or build something like clouds and use that as a development platform but it may make sense to start with a dev board).

Thanks for any advice…


If the intention is to output pitch CVs, then a degree of precision (and calibration) is required for satisfying results. O&C is probably a better platform for that. For audio output, definitely not O&C, one of the Mutable modules would be better. Or consider the newer Teensy 3.5 or 3.6. They have FPUs and dual 12-bit DACs onboard which are OK for medium-quality audio output, but there is an audio shield available that gives you a proper audio codec for pristine quality audio output (on two channels).

Thanks for the reply - I guess I mostly just want to play around so having the option to do both would be great - messing with audio would be a cheap way to get some cheap satisfaction but I think for some of the ideas I am keen to play with then CV is probably more useful in the long run.

The reason I was thinking about STM32 was to offer the fun of learning the development environment and debugging real time running code. I was also swayed strongly by Mutable using STM32s so I could easily use the same dev environment and nick the code easily (but saying that it all looks pretty portable so that’s probably not a great reason).

Teensy may very well be a sensible option - thanks. I need another O_c in my life so it’ll make sense to build one and maybe use that for playing…

I need to really develop the algorithms separately but I was just keen to jump in and play with
the environment and get something running for fun…

I suspect what I’ll end up doing is coding it all separately and then choose a platform, but I was kind of hoping that by just randomly picking something flexible then ideas would present themselves !

Sorry - bit of a rambling incoherent post - thinking aloud a bit ! Still at a very early stage of ruminating and my knowledge of modern embedded systems is incredibly lacking… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the advice…

There’s the MIDIBox STM32 core as well. Thorsten is quite picky when it comes to these boards.

Thanks - didnt know about midibox - looks interesting…