Still rocking

How about some help loading up a single patch to the shruti 1?

In which form do you have the patch, .syx file I presume? How are you doing it, what is the unit showing/displaying?

I’m trying to load a single .syx patch through the midi cable I have acces to C6 or midiox, which I used to save the patches to the computer with. Is there a button turn on sequence for getting the shruti-1 into a receive mode?

No, the unit is always in receive mode (the procedure described in the manual in which you have to hold a button when booting the unit is for firmware update).

Do you see a character in the corner of the display upon reception of the message?

Hi Orbitalgun!

Just use the MIDIOX Sysex mode (View/Sysex) then use its File/“Send Sysex file” option, choose the .syx file and click OK.


I don’t see a character in the corner after transmission, pichenettes… I’ll try using the option you mention yettreemagic.

Awesome, I found my problem. I realize now, that once you dump a sound into the shruti-1 it will only be saved in temporary memory. I must have changed it before hearing affirmation of it loaded. (And that the sound I was loading was too similar to the initialized sound didn’t help). Sorry for the bother… Cheers on the akimbo. Looks great, can’t wait! I was able to load using midiox but never did see a character to note successful transmission.

Glad you’re sorted - I normally confirm safe reception of a preset by going to the Browse page - when a new preset has arrived correctly its name will appear there :wink: