Still Frames


Here are three recordings of playing with Arpitecht sequencing Tides. Excerpts, not songs.
Happy to answer questions or complaints. :wink: Enjoy.

Once Concealed

I tried to go for the sound of sparkling stars. Maybe too deep in that Clouds reverb here and there. I like the touch, it reminds me of ivory pebble stones getting swirled. Way too short. :frowning:

Suni Williams

I was inspired by a track of Erstlaub (protected boundaries), the pace caught me and inspired by that i let my Rings breathe. Having no real tempo i could dare to put Tides into Clouds Spectral Madness and it left me with a colorful palette from oboe and flute to those wet wax drops. I made a video to this piece covering Suni Williams’ tour of the ISS, hence the songs name. If i have access to my editing software again i might share it here.

To Hold Up

I’m not too happy with this for several reasons. But i do like the Rings percussive sound opening and closing and how it challenges the Erbe-Verb for drumish sounds.


Definitely like the last one best! Nice use of Rings also. I also tend to use it as percussion rather than melody. It will easily get to beautiful once you get a melody going in rings and you get stuck in a rings session :slight_smile:


Listened to the first one. I love it! Reverb can never be too deep :grin:. Beautiful sparkle you got. Bright but controlled. Don’t worry about the length. that’s a great star of a song. Add some melodic accompaniment or some beats and it would write it’s self. Thanks for posting. :slight_smile: