Still Frames

Here are three recordings of playing with Arpitecht sequencing Tides. Excerpts, not songs.
Happy to answer questions or complaints. :wink: Enjoy.

Once Concealed

I tried to go for the sound of sparkling stars. Maybe too deep in that Clouds reverb here and there. I like the touch, it reminds me of ivory pebble stones getting swirled. Way too short. :frowning:

Suni Williams

I was inspired by a track of Erstlaub (protected boundaries), the pace caught me and inspired by that i let my Rings breathe. Having no real tempo i could dare to put Tides into Clouds Spectral Madness and it left me with a colorful palette from oboe and flute to those wet wax drops. I made a video to this piece covering Suni Williams’ tour of the ISS, hence the songs name. If i have access to my editing software again i might share it here.

To Hold Up

I’m not too happy with this for several reasons. But i do like the Rings percussive sound opening and closing and how it challenges the Erbe-Verb for drumish sounds.

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Definitely like the last one best! Nice use of Rings also. I also tend to use it as percussion rather than melody. It will easily get to beautiful once you get a melody going in rings and you get stuck in a rings session :slight_smile:

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Listened to the first one. I love it! Reverb can never be too deep :grin:. Beautiful sparkle you got. Bright but controlled. Don’t worry about the length. that’s a great star of a song. Add some melodic accompaniment or some beats and it would write it’s self. Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts. :dragon:

Three more pieces i’d like to add:

I’m pretty sad it’s so booming, but i like the mood a lot. Maybe the contrast of dreamy light-footed plucks and a bit overdriven mix makes it even more intersting in the end. With headphones it’s ok, but my laptop speakers can not handle this.

Cave paintings and space walks. Modern warfare technology and an Atlatl.
Peaks’ drums and Rings wiggling into Clouds and Erbe-Verb in parallel.

I tried to let the Plaits robot talk and sing but not to repeat or say actual words. It should sound like a partially defect one that likes to dance. I love when the model changes and sounds like a tomtom. This piece is a reminder to myself to turn down the volume when i use headphones and try to mix stuff inside the rack.

Marbles and Arpitecht say hello to each other. :dragon:

Since this is almost exactly 1 year old (and sadly the band is over for now) i just felt like putting this here.

The gig was in an abandoned hall which was used by Deutsche Post ist the past. We started the concert with this song while the people were to enter when we played the first note. As they walked in seeing us from the far and coming closer, our sound began to evolve. The video didn’t really capture that and also has a cut somewhere. I would have loved to see and hear this from the viewers perspective, the sound there was huge as the space was.

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