Stereo Solutions?

Want to use the Ambika in a live situation, so i love to know how you guys deal without a big mixer. Specially thinking on that kind of summing small boxes or something similar.

Can you bring your experiences please??

Maybe this mod?

I soldered a special cable with one jack on one side and three on the other. I use that together with the other 3 voices on the main output as a stereo signal. Works fine. I also use it a lot more making 2 3 voice parts.

I use a small stereo delay stompbox (TC’s flashback delay) after the mono mix output and it makes wonders with ambika. Even small delay without noticable slapback makes the sound much much fuller. But when pads and leads are used with lush tape or analog delay- oh god…

I’ve a Boss RE-20 Space Echo,didn’t try to feed it with the mono signal and get a stereo signal. Would it work?

I now about the stereo mod, but I prefer to waste my time playing with the Ambika.

I’m not sure what you mean by “a live situation”, but at most of the clubs I’ve played in, the FOH engineer just runs everything in mono out to the PA, so why worry about stereo in those situations?

my delay has a switch, which turns mono signal to stereo in a ping-pong way, but one side with 8th repeat and other with dotted eight, so you get this syncopated pingpong delay. But with analog-setting, the highs roll off, so if done with frequent repeats and <50 mix, it starts to act like reverb or room, spreaded across the L and R. I don’t know if your Boss can do that.
I think stereo reverb pedal could do something like that also. But with digital pedals I think the key to good sound is true bypass mix. (which for example flashback has)
But I don’t know if you look something like that, or more “cleaner” way, by spreading the 6 voices across the stereo. I guess the summing box can do that.

Instead of that insanely high priced passive summing box, why not get a tiny Behringer mixer instead? Those things are cheap, tiny, pretty sturdy, and sound more than good enough for live use.

I usually add a bit of reverb to my shruthi units, so that the signal ends up being in stereo anyhow… That would for all intents and purposes make the final output stereo, although not really controllable on the unit itself…

I use a mixer (I know the OP was asking for non-mixer solutions) and pan the separate outputs at 1/6 intervals from hard left. It’s really huge with pads but also interesting in poly mode with sequences as the notes bounce around the stereo field in a cool way.

I guess there are two options: 1) good and simple way 2)sound-wise best way possible but a bit bulky :slight_smile:

If you want stereo and you can load FX:

Bx-Stereomaker (129 euro):

Voxengo Stereo Touch (free):