Stereo output mod

Can someone explain the 3to1 adapter a bit further?

I am interested in having a stereo output for my ambika.

just solder three output together.
as shiftr says : "The outputs of the Ambika already have an output resistor in them so you’ll get a simple passive summer. "

Yes it’s that simple!. You take 3 jack cables that are all soldered to one jack plug. And then you need 2 of those cables

let me see if I got this right. I take three 1/4 in cables, cut the jacks off the end so I only have wires. I solder the three cable together to the other end of wires connected to one of the original 3 jacks. Three cables connected to one jack, make two of those, one for left, one for right. Bam, three cables into one jack. Yes? I just don’t want to do anything that could damage my equip. Of course, it does sound like it involves sacrificing six patch cables permanently, but I can get short ones for just that purpose.

Yes this is right! Shouldn’t damage anything.

after some investigation i have found that, at least on my motu 828, the high Z inputs get a much hotter signal than the normal line inputs at the back of the device. also high Z inputs.
so if you have a too hot signal from ambika try switching to normal line inputs !

Thanks for the cable idea, very smart…
I made a version with an additional pot to control the spread of the voices : just add a ~ 5k lin pot between left and right voices.
The individual outs were also too hot for my audio interface, so i added some 470ohm resistor on the board (see on left of the photo)… works fine for me.

@zardos … That’s really smart! It could also easily be mounted inside the Ambika like this!
Here is mine (x2)

i also finished my 3-to-1 cables today, it works like a charm. stereo on pads is a must have!

i also found that while on the high-Z inputs the signal is way to hot, on the line in inputs the levels are totally fine.

thanks for the idea ! loving it !

Would anyone in the U.S. be willing to build / sell me one of these?

Hi everybody, I’m the happy owner of an Ambika 4p and would love to have your opinion on this.
I would like to dedicate:

  • 4 Voices for polyphonic sound (stereo)
  • 1 voice for bass
  • 1 for lead

I’ve been thinking of using 2 like those for stereo:

And 2 mono jack for bass and lead

Is this a good solution and will I be able to use the spread on the Ambika?

Thx for your advises

David K

Yes should work. You’ll need a mixer with panning on the inputs to turn it into stereo of course.

I used 2x Behringer MX400s to achieve stereo out :slight_smile:

Thank you Guys!

I have another question, I plugged everything as I mentionned it on my previous message.
I Wonder if there’s anything I can do on the Ambika to avoid notes to jumps Left & Right when I play separate notes? Actually it sound like there’s nothing in the middle, only L/R :frowning:

You can pan the channels halfway instead of full left and full right. Or you can use 3 2=>1 cables and use 3 channels.
1 Left 1 Right and 1 Center

Yes shiftr, thank you very much, sounds like it is the best option, even using 2 voices for center or slighltly panned and Two others for little more L/R.

Hey Xewin , what do you think , shoul i make a PCB for this , based on your schematics ??
The problem is , we need extra holes in the Case - and metal case … The pots we can also make in the backside . And the schematics isn’t a great deal. This needs a little soldering works