Stereo from two mono?

Just a quick one. I’ve been running my Machine drum into a mixer with no stereo channels.
Am I right in saying that if I pan one hard right and one hard left, keeping the settings the same this give me proper balanced stereo?


Magic! :slight_smile:

Panning hard left and hard right could give a ‘hole in the middle’ feeling. It depends on how Machine drum distributes the signals left/right. If you notice this, just reduce pan to 80%left and 80%right or something.

Wikipedia: Pan Law

Personally, I would keep the signal panned fully left and right for as long as possible to keep the signals separate and unaltered. And then fix it later in the mix using M/S processing tools or similar. On the other hand, if this is just you jamming with headphones, then it may be necessary to use much less dramatic panning on the mixer.

Its jamming BUT I’m trying to stay away from computers and record as raw as I can.
It didn’t sound bad but I was worried it may mess with things like the kick straight down the middle.
I suppose the other way is to use 3 channels.

Usually just kick on one, snare or hats on another then a mono mix of the rest- but if you want to pan stuff around, id for sure take your kick (and snare unless you want the effect of snare panning- it’s very noticeable and draws too much attention to the percussion IMO) out on it’s own.