Stereo filter tremolo

I am using my evolver as a stereo filter right now and can get a great stereo panning tremolo effect like this:
LFO1>mod matrix> positive amount>Left filter
LFO1>mod matrix> negative amount>Right Filter
Is it possible to do something like this with the ambika?

No, it’s not possible to send the same signal to two filters. It’s also not possible to filter external signals.

I realize that currently there are no inputs for the ambika but that is why there is people like andre (tubeohm), who said he can definitely make an ambika-‘filterbank.’ I really like the harmonics of the 4P filter and could see my sound benefiting from it as an effect on other sound sources (esp. prophet 08 and korg 707). I have also tried the electrix filterfactory, curtis waldorf miniworks, MFB filterbox, jomox t-resonator, monotron and pulse plus which are all great but each have their disadvantages. I’m kind of addicted to the (for lack of better terminology) stereo-panning-filter-tremolo effect which only the filterfactory (using a separate CV source) and evolver pull off in true stereo.

Might it be simpler to combine two shruthis than adding all the stuff to make something like that work on an ambika? I love the idea of an (everything-in-one) ambika with inputs but maybe it’s just fundamentally dumb / overly complicated.

It would be easier IMHO to do this with two Shruthi - which are actually designed to process external signals.

Much thanks for the input…
Might there be a way to link the filters / implement my weirdo stereo filter tremolo effect?

Yes, you sync the LFO to the tempo, and connect the two units by MIDI, with the second unit using the external MIDI clock sent by the first unit.

Then on one unit, you use a positive LFO->VCF amount in the mod matrix… and a negative amount on the second unit!

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for…

It would be harder on Ambika because all voices in a part have the same settings (so you couldn’t get two voices of the same patch having LFOs going in opposite directions) ; and there is no way of synchronizing LFOs between parts. A possible solution would be to use two parts and time the arrival of note messages resetting the LFO so that the two parts have LFOs running in opposite directions. And of course you’d have to mod the Ambika to have external inputs on each voicecard… which is going to be a pain in the ass to use.

Thanks again for your remarks…seems like a dual/stereo-shruthi is the way to go but still doesn’t stop my fantasizing about the ambika…