Stereo Effects on Beads

I’ve been playing with the module for a better part of a year, and it adds a lot of texture to patches, however I’ve been pondering if there is something about the unit that I’m missing when it comes to potential stereo effects.

I am curious if there is some stereo panning effects on the unit directly out of the box.

Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to achieve?

Do you mean effects taking a mono source and giving it a stereo depth? Something else?

Ideally, what I would love to have is effects processing shifting between left and right output at set or random intervals.

This sounds exactly like the job of a panning module controlled by a random LFO!

With Beads, you can try setting DENSITY around 1 o’clock (to get random grains at a slow interval), TIME fully counterclockwise, SHAPE around 1 o’clock, and a long-ish SIZE (enough for the grains to overlap). Pitch and all attenurandomizers at 12 o’clock. You’ll effectively have long-ish, overlapping grains played in a random stereo position at random intervals – but the effect you want to achieve isn’t really a granular effect and I fear that Beads isn’t the right tool for that!

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The Befaco Stereo Strip has CV controlled panning!