Stepped values

finally i got my shruti working. phew.(i did some weird dumb stuff to make that difficult)
i have not spent very much time with it, though, still have the original first firmware on it.
what i noticed though. it is very easy to create clicks on note-ons, i seem to remember there was something i could do about that?
also, is there no glide or do i have to reread the manual?
and most of all, when twiddling the cutoff, r the freq-steps are very obvious. i guess that is just the steps that the encoders trigger, right? or is it the DA?
(i.e. should i add an analog low-pass, or a digital one combined with dynamic step-width (fast/slow rotation -> large/small steps))?

  • As for the note on clicks, you can add a cap to smooth the VCA control signal:
  • There’s a portamento parameter, which is listed as “prt”.
  • Potentiometers are digitally read into 7-bits values (the analog->digital converter of the ATMega328p is not that good, so I routinely get 1 or 2 bits of noise, and I add an extra bit to prevent unexpected jumps of parameter values when moving from one page to another). The cutoff value is internally processed as a 14-bit integer when summing all the modulations, and the result is converted back to 8 bits for the PWM output stage (there’s no DAC). So you get 1 extra bit by adding digital interpolation in the firmware. After that, you’ll have to do the smoothing in the analog domain, with the risk of slowing down envelopes by excessive smoothing. You can replace C15 by a higher value cap to add more smoothing.

very cool, thanks! (forgot that these are potis not encoders). another option for me then would be too use an hackme-in to connect a cutoff “fine pot”, using just the setup as it is. cool.