Step 7 Control Board Assembly

“IC2 and IC3 (74hc165 and 74hc595). Orientation is important. The notch should be on the top. Please make sure that the labeling on the IC matches the labeling on the silkscreen ; and check the picture to verify that the two ICs are at the correct location. 74ls and 74hc are variants of the same chip”

This orientation would mean that the notch on the chip does not match the notch on the PCB. Is this correct? Or should I match the notches and ignore the text?

Thanks again?

The notch on the chip should be aligned with the notch printed on the PCB

The part numbers (595 and 165) should match the numbers printed on the board.

Grand, thanks a lot. forgive me for so many question, this is my first time building something like this :slight_smile:

No problem, you’d better ask than make mistakes and have a hard time unsoldering parts!