Steiner Parker Filter for Shruthi, PCB's are there

this is the first info. Actual i am working on the Steiner Parker Filder board for Shruthi. I have solder now the basic filter functions and it works better than i expected. The OPAMP bridge works without noise and the audio singal can be much higher than 50 mV without distortion. And the basic filter works.
Tomorrow i will build and test the feedback and the linearity. If it works like in the simulation i have a log voltage curve, 140…160 mV /oct.
Soundexamples as soon as possible .
Picture from the first prototype here.



hihi action, ok, works but needs for the different filter modes some adjustment. Becaus some Signals clip.
Shit influenca…
Next some soundexamples…


Nice one Andre!

Cool Andre.
I imagine how there will be proto PCB’s ordered next week.

Hi Adrian, noooooo i am not so fast. But very interesting that the basic design works on the first try.
Specially the OPAMP bridge. This solves many problems. Also the DC offset is very less.

This sounds tempting !

Wow, that is so few components that it should be easier to make both a Shruthi and an Ambika voicecard.

This doesn’t include a VCA and a resonance control circuit - that’s why it’s so small!

I stand corrected.

Can it be overdriven like the “original” ?
Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Ahh, another one i’ll surely add to the collection! Good stuff…

Awesome - I will definitely buy a Shruthi version.


Mmm, one more thing to squeeze in before Easter… Want!

Count me in too.

HI audioharder, in the picture i show only the basic filter design. I must now bulld the feedback path and the CV control and the digital switching from LP to HP-BP and also the PWR supply.
Than, the question is , should i make a PCB for AMBIKA ? and also for a 19 Modul system ??
If the basic circut works , it is not a great deal .
Andre alias ( Lothar Löthar)hihi

Eurorack, please!

I need another Ambika :wink:

Oh no! Now I have to build another shruthi! Again!

Uh oh, this might be the one that pushes me over the Ambika cliff if that happens…