Steampunk Case ideas (well, really rough ideas)

Digging through old threads, I stumbled over steampunk / dieselpunk / 50s Radio Design case ideas. I think there are a lot of overlaps between those areas, so it matches well to bring the DIY synth and DIY steampunk together.

  • what about “magic eye”- fluorescence tubes to visualize the values given numeric in the display? (yeah, additional work… lots of)

  • what about using an oscilloscope tube as display, ideally a round one (yeah, lots of additional work and an additionall microcontroller at least, only for show and shine)

  • and one more idea (that I like best): how about using an old spring driven “musical box” with a brass drum as midi clock master? One could interpret those musical boxes as kind of grand grand father to step sequencers, an I think it could be a an idea to integrate something like that in a steampunk case design, and really use it as sound source or timing source. A synth that you have to wind up with a key to make it work (with the option of switching it of) would add a nice very very analogue touch to this project.

Waiting for the shop to reopen,

I’m still hoping Jason (hotchk155) will release this as a kit on tindie. :slight_smile:

Captain Nemo’s synth on the Nautilus