Starting out with Yarns and some books

I recently got an idea for a module, so now I find myself learning the STM platform and embedded programming :sweat_smile:

I’ve done C/C++ in the past but never really for embedded. The hardware I eventually want is a bit similar to Yarns. But then:

  • 8 cv + 8 gate outputs
  • 8 rgb leds
  • A usb host port
  • Clock + run signal inputs
  • (possibly) some cv inputs later

I am planning to get a Yarns module and then just start from that. I can use my Hermod module to bridge usb host <=> midi i/o, and then I could develop large parts of the software starting out with some of Yarns code.

The alternative would be to get a ST Nucleo board and build everything from that, but I expect that would be a lot more work right? I think being able to use the MI code, toolchain and PCB as a basis is invaluable especially to someone with little prior knowledge.

I’m hoping by the time I have part of the prototype ready I can find someone who can help me to alter the Yarns PCB to include the extra bits I need.

I found two books that seem good for studying the ARM Cortex M and embedded programming in general.

Are there any other books you would maybe recommend for studying in this context?

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I love the idea…but sorry i cant help…but i wish you good luck!