Starting a system with MI modular

Hi There,

Need some help here…
After some years doing performances on a 5u small Moon Modular system(1 case) i decided to start with an eurorack system.
Most because i can modulate more and use more voices,chords, effects,etc…in a compact system.
This is what i did with the 5U system : … 0g9jmXfWTQ

I love the mutable instruments modules but also want enough voices,sequencing and modules to modulate the voices.
I like to go in the direction of Elinch,Lightbath,Ann annie,etc. I also like to changing chords,notes on the fly and recording multitrack in the laptop. Maybe using the cv / gate tools in ableton (Expert Sleepers ES-9 )?

This is what i’ve come up with. What i’m missing here??

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Wow, that is a nice track you have linked to.

The set up you have mocked up has a lot of potential and I’m sure you could make some great music with it.

I’m not sure what you plan to do with the Expert Sleepers ES or the Disting?

My thoughts: between Veils, Blinds and Shades and Doepfer and the 2hp modules you have a lot of mixing, attenuation and VCA’s for a case of that size.

If I were personally making changes: I would probably want at least one other filter, something else to do some sequencing and maybe get another MI Stages because it offers so many options.

My personal experience was get one thing at a time and just let experience tell you what you are missing the most.

This is a very balanced system. I would just leave a blank instead of the Typhoon and wait a bit…


Thank you!
The ES-9 is for multitracking in ableton, or cv /gate in / out (sequencing). The Disting is the ‘swiss army knife’, it can do many things. Maybe indeed i need a filter extra and drop some mixing modules (doepfer), thanks for that.
What you suggest for sequencing( If i’m right i have four voices now) ?
I’m gonna start with some MI modules for sure, and then decide what is the next step…

Yes, i hear maybe something new is coming…

re sequencer: Marbles is my go to. After that it’s pretty personal depending on what you want to do? I personally like a sequencer which is not too fiddly to use but still provides lots of options. I find that the ability to progress a step via a trigger is a must otherwise it is a pain sequencing rests. What works for me is an outboard Korg SQ-1 sequenced by either MI Grids or Intellijel Steppy. You can also play it by hand. I also take the notes from Marbles and use sample and hold to make new sequences.

re filter: I just bought a Manhattan Analog SVVCF which has a really nice built-in CP3 style 3 input mixer. Another good one is Doepfer SEM.

Good news about the blank panel!

Oh, wow. :star_struck:


Rumours travel fast :crazy_face:



Okay, thanks for the inspiration. Made a new version of the rack and think this covers mostly my needs. Leave one blank spot for a new version of clouds i hope…

I have my blanks ready

Emelie :):slight_smile:

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Oh god, this thread is giving me so much more anxiety than it should.

Hoping not to repeat what happened with Clouds where I ended up being the person that got in just too late for the first batch and ended up jonesing for it for what felt like about a decade until the next batch.

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Like me hehe:)

Looks like a super fun set up.

Clouds successor is supposed to be 14hp.

My main comment would be that you’ll need more modulation sources.

Other thoughts:

What do you think you’ll use veils for?

After a few years with both Veils and Blinds, I find Blinds much more versatile. It is easy to use as a straightforward linear vca once you get used to finding the quiet point in the middle position of the big knob. For cv mixing I find it far more useful.

Plaits and Rings (sort of) have built in vca’s.

Streams is is 12hp. You get two less channels, no mixing… but you do get built in envelopes and basic filter, plus loads of other goodies! It was one of the last modules I got and I had to ditch Veils for it but I’m very glad I did. Depends where your needs are most.

Do you think you’ll use the advanced features of Tides? The oscillator mode is in Plaits but with only one out (or two flavours of one out).

Second hand versions of Peaks are available.

Kinks is a very useful plumbing utility.

Mimeophon is worth looking at if you decide the Magneto is too big. When in hold mode there is some overlap with the Morphagene.

Plaits and Rings (sort of) have built in vca’s. If you just can’t fit everything in the case I have found the 0-Coast to be a great companion. Sometimes I use it as a voice but mostly I set it up for modulation. It is quite deep what you can do with it and pairs well with MI stuff.

If you need there are some good passive Modules available which you can mount outside the rack: attenuators, vactrol vca’s, OR logic Which can also mix modulation.

0 coast is another one which can live outside the rack. Lots of options within.

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What you would suggest for more modulation?

I think i need to make a choice between Veils and blinds, not sure yet. I thought i could modulate stuff also with the Hermod (midi fx) and maybe put kinks and links back in. Still a noob’ in this but do i have everthing covered as far as voices,seq,enveloppes,modulation,mixing,utility, tapedelay, recerb ,…of course i miss a filter too…
Thanks in advanced!

You have alot of modulation now with MI modules stages tides with some utilitys and du have more then you need.

But if you need more get some more utilitys and one of thes Gett more of stages and tides or

Intellijel Designs Quadrax
Frap Tools Falistri
Industrial Music Electronics Kermit MKIII Crisp:) can colour nicely:)

And dont forget ochd and some utility smal but extremly powerful with MI modules.

same same but different

What do you other ppl say?

I have my effects on another case just to have a own effect line case to have it org.

I agree with the above post that the 0chd would provide lots of modulation in a small space. After buying one of them had to do go with a second. DivKid’s RND Step is another good modulation source with 6 S&H outputs.

I use these sources on my Plaits and Rings with good effect.



I really want just one 6u 104hp case. I did perform with a 5u moon modular case (heavy) and i want to go to a small compact size case, with more options and colours. I think the best is to start with one row MI and take it from there. So veils is out and kinks and blinds is in…?
For me this case needs to be a cleverly design of the different flavours in the complex world of eurorack. Just trial and error i believe…

7U is better, then you have utilitys in 1U row And stereo in and out, and all 6U for the synth :slight_smile: but thats just what i do for save space for the godness:)

I chose the Erica Synths Eurorack Alu Travel Case Because i can close the lit patched. I hear bad reviews about the Intellijel 7U Performance case, also not clear if it powers all of the modules Still need to close the lit patched do… Are there other 7u travel cases?

Thank you for all the responses. Gonna check every tip out. Keep them coming please!!