Starting a small Eurorack System with Minibrute 2s for ambient/concrete music

Hello everyone,
I’m really happy to be a part of this forum !

I have some analog synths, and since I had my Minibrute 2s, I really want to associate it with a small eurorack system, with Rackbrute U3 for exemple.

But I really don’t know where I can start. :confused:

I’m looking for some complementary moduls to play some ambient, concrete and experimental music. I’ve heard about Clouds, Ring and Ears’ Mutable Instruments or Morphagene and Maths from Make Noise. But maybe if I have this ones I need some others?

If you have some Ideas about a little starting set-up for a Rackbrut 3U and a Minibrute 2s it will be very helpful for me. :boom: :heart:

Thankes everyone and Happy New Year !

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Those all sound like good ideas. Ears is especially great for pulling in external sound, and has a nifty envelope follower built in.

Do you live near any shops that have modules racked up that you can go play with? I find it very helpful to get some direct exposure before deciding what to grab. If not, most mutable modules are modeled in VCV rack, you can get a really good idea of what they sound like/ how they function that way too.


Hello Veere,
I was like you a few weeks ago, thinking a lot of the ambient music I wanted to make.
Finally I have bought a rackbrute with Plaits, Ripples and Veils. First modules and a big faceslap. I have recently add a Maths to them and I think it is just the beginning :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have a good modular shop near to you it is a very good opprtunity to meet them and discuss and test. More than any YT tutorial.

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Get the 6u case not the 3u:

  1. you will need it sooner or later and it will save you money compared to buying the small one now and then selling that and buying the bigger one later
  2. the minibrute and the 6u fold together to fit in the bag so better for transporting

spend some time studying utility modules - what they do and how to use them

they may seem comparatively boring, but they are the lifeblood of modular synthesis. They allow all your other modules to breathe and are relatively cheap

mi links and kinks are a good starting point - you get a buffered mult (for multing pitch cv), 2 small utility mixers, a basic waveshaper, some logic (a comparator), a noise source and s&h in 8 hp

add something like a sequential switch and a quad vca (veils is great - especially if you want to bring some external sound sources up to modular levels) and you have a great starting set of utilities

I always get at least one utility module for every “functional” module

seriously consider a disting mk4 - in a small case it adds tons of functionality - in a larger case it’s a “if only I had another xxx module” lifesaver

personally I’d recommend getting the case, links and kinks, disting, veils and 1 to 3 of the modules you mentioned - maths, rings and morphagene would be my picks (in order of priority) - if you can find a used clouds at a reasonable price then get that instead of morphagene perhaps

that’ll give you 2-4 sound sources (minibrute, rinds, disting, maths) , enough modulation (maths, disting, minibrute), enough basic utilities (maths, links, kinks, veils) and something to effect them with (clouds or morphagene)

output from either veils or the effect straight to an outboard mixer/audio interface and monitor from there - get a couple of 3.5->6.5mm mono patch cables for this

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I had the same idea. I bought a Minibrute 2S with 6u rackbrute, plaits etc.