Starter 104 HP rack


Most new Eurorack builders tend to leave out what I call the small stuff but is most essential to any Euro build. The small things like LFO’s, preferable one’s that will self oscillate. Attenuators, VCA’s, Envelopes, Multiples, Noise Sources, Mixers, Clock Dividers, Gates, Slew Limiters, I also suggest going at least 6U on your case as you will need to expand eventually.


Hi, thanks for your comment, yes you’re right but I think it’s quite difficult at start to plan a system with all those subtilities, though I have to say that I have it in mind. At start, I have LFOs, rythmical and random capabilities plus gates with Pamela’s new workout, additional modulations with Voltage Block, attenuators are integered to Rings and Rainmaker, though I can slightly or widely set the modulatons with VB for Clouds or Shapes, at start VCAs are not indispensabe with Rings even if it could be really interesting for evolving and generative modulations… and I have some clock dividers in PNM, VB and Rainmaker. For the future stages, I have some plan to feed Rings with noise plus VCA/ADSR, for Disting mk4 as a slew limiter and more, I think this is obviously a step by step process, a sound or improvment in mind = a combo of modules… Right now I’m on a Mantis 6U 104hp case, I’ll complete it step by step, then we’ll see for another 6U? lol, thanks for the advices! Cheers


Those are some very pleasing videos!


Thanks a lot Robert! Very appreciated… and offcourse Merry Christmas, cheers


Blooming alley is wow !


wow! thanks a lot for your comment Yun, also very appreciated and encouraging :slight_smile: