Stannol Kolophonium and soldering : how to use it !?

I bought this Stannol Kolophonium I thought it’s like flux for easy soldering but i don’t know how to use it … ( i’m afraid of Banana Chart )

Simple to use: DONT!

This is for Tiffany Lamps or plumbing your Gutter. For your Shruhti and Electronics in general you should use Solder with integrated Flux like this

Personally i prefer leaded solder where the Melting point is about 30° lower than with lead-free solder, so you don’t put so much thermal stress on your Solderjoint and don’t need that much Flux in the Solder itself which is preferable as solder fumes are somewhat toxic. For SMT soldering only you need additional Flux , here i’d recommend some liquid Flux Pen like this

EDIT: The funny thing about CONRAD is, you can’t buy Styroflex Caps but Kolophonium :wink:

Tiffany Lamps ? Nice i want to make one :slight_smile:

Just to add a bit to fcd’s great advice, this flux is probably acid-based and will eventually eat away at your delicate electronics. You need rosin-based flux. There are also lots of recipes on the web for making your own flux. Nice lamp, although I might try a stained glass window instead of a lamp.

Ok i understand it’s ok for that :
I don’t know if its acid-based here is the notice , but in deutsch


Or try something like this:

The link is for the Sicherheitsdatenblatt which tells you what to do when swallowed or ignited but tells you nothing about the Product itself.


Ok for liquid Flux Pen
Thank you piscione and fcd72

FCD72, nice windows. Is that your house? Can you do laser-cut versions of those for an Ambika?

Can do - but can you pay this? The catholic church needed to oppress the whole known world (which was a flat back then, at best a bit humpy - no nifty globes!) and throw it into the dark middle ages, just to fund these windows…

I figured a bunch of priests playing stained glass Ambikas might make an interesting photo.

Judging by the windows, it is Olivier’s house.

I think Oliviers Windows would look a bit more like this

I don’t know, stained glass seems to be an analog filter for light, and we all know Olivier likes his analog filters.

Hehe, somehow I think Olivier would want more Hindu godesses instead of the saints shown above. Or Platypuses.