Standuino Synth and Drum Devices

Does anyone know ? or have an exprience with this guy’s devices ( synth , drum machine kits ) ?

I’ve heard about these but I’ve never used one. Some guys from Brno, Czech republic are making these as far as I know…
I’ve been told it’s cool product.

I have an fraAngelico, but it is compared to the MI-Stuff very loFi and Bleepy, but also fun.

I think I like the granular sampler thingie…

He only has 60 of those micro granny’s wow

Gonna build FrauAngelico, the drum machine when I have time. Cheap, funny things they make.

Does anybody know where to find a fraAngelico BOM ? I’m planning to do a Mouser order for a Shruti Dual SVF and was thinking that i could buy parts for that little beauty at the same time, as it could be my first build, to bring back the knowledge i once had in soldering…

I’ve been interested in these projects for a while, I’ll definitely build a fraangelico and a Frauangelico at some point :slight_smile:

I have been seeing their stuff with some glee.

I plan on ordering the sampler. It seems nice and would complement my MI stuff nicely.

I haven´t ordered yet, have other stuff to finish but will eventually.

One thing I am hesitant about is that they are too naked for my tastes, making them a half-way between things like a Bleepdrum and more “clothed” stuff like MI.

I received two Microgranny kits today. Put one together, and it was a pain

Maybe i’m out of touch, but I found it more difficult than either a Shruthi or Anushri. The big issue I had was that they’ve updated the board, with a new layout and more parts, and haven’t changed the build instructions. The pcb is simply labeled ‘x ohm’ and ‘y ohm’ for the new resistors. Took me a while to figure those out.
And the parts just came loose in a paper bag. A lot of legs came bent. Maybe i’m just used to a great kit from MI, but these were a bit disappointing.

I’ve assembled the microgranny, after 10min editing the samples becomes pretty intuitive. The 4th button on mine does not work however which is strange. But i have a good idea of it at the moment and it’s a fun little toy.
I’ll probably order some more kits from these guys in the future… but with caution.

@jimi23 thanks for this feedback, it´s good to know.

I am still pretty tempted by their products…have to finish 2 shruthis and 1 shruthi xt before that tho…

I wish they just sold PCB’s …