Standoffs and spacers for boards enclosures?

I’ve got a couple MidiPals on order and I’m going to be making my own cases. Thus I’m going to order some standoffs, screws, etc.

Are there standard standoffs or spacer sizes used on the stock MI cases?

Can someone post the standard lengths for the MidiPal standoffs and spacers?

Sizes for other enclosures would be good just for reference (as I could not find this quickly searching the forums).

For the MIDIpal, the spacers are 20mm (board to bottom panel) and 10mm (board to panel)

You may order these for 20mm
and these for 10mm
You need 8 M3x6 Screws additionally, the files for the case should be in the github repository

Awesome. I’m in the US so I’ll check Mouser for part numbers and post those later for reference.

If you’re in the US you might want to check out McMaster-Carr for mechanical parts.

Have you a link to something similar here in Europe?

I’m not aware of someone specialized in mechanical fastenings etc within the EU that has the same large selection. I get my small dimension stuff at electronic parts retailers like Reichelt, RS Components, Farnell and Elfa.

It would be nice to find something, maybe someone else knows?

I’m thinking of Skiffy but I haven’t checked them out in detail yet, just did some superficial browsing of their catalog.

FWIW - Mouser works great for me since they’re also in Texas - I typically get deliveries in a day or two. Also I aften order a random mix of hardware and electronics components. :slight_smile:

These look to be similar parts from Mouser

Also - There are no case design files for the MidiPal on github.

only shows the PCB files.

No big deal as I should be able to put a design together pretty quick - it’s just one encoder after all :slight_smile: