Standalone Poly Plaits


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Aw, good point! I didn’t look into the packages carefully enough.

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@pichenettes, now or never! :wink:


I was dreaming about this synth and I found this thread 4 years old. So sad nobody continued this project.

This idea came from my live setup, a digitakt controlling a small modular with a mother32, one plaits, one rings and one beads. The more fun is to create sequences to feed the plaits, and having several plaits with dynamic sequences a la electron would be amazing.
Also having a standalone device for me is better than a modular. It is more portable and selfcontained. Maybe eurorack fans don’t agree with that, but for other many this machine is a dream.

So it is possible to create. ?? . A groovebox similar to electron’s with several voices capable to run mutable instruments like plaits or rings, even to run some send effect like beads will be very successful project. We can cooperate some people to create it.
Somebody interested?

fwiw Korg 'logue has several Plaits models ported to it. Poly Plaits has existed on this platform for a couple of years. it sounds beautiful. My favorite is the D Bank wavetables with envelope on Timbre, and Note Velocity on Morph. also a bit of Key Tracking on several inputs terms also lends a wonderful articulation. nice stuff!

I have 16 note poly plaits on my Prologue - and I LOVE it!

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I know, I know, you all want a compact hardware box, but apart from mirack there are direct auv3 imlementation of rings, plaits and clouds that can be put into a host like AUM or Drambo or or or. So grab yourself an ipad, a midi controller and off you go with multiple tracks of plaits mayhem. Drambo could be a nice starting point for a host that might be elektron similar? (Or so I heard)

That might work for a while, but then Apple will change OS, the apps go out of date, and you are back to square one. I am done with iPads, having gone through some version of the described events over and over.

Definitely fun while it lasted though.


same here. I bought tons of music apps, but never used any of them. now most are not supported by recent iOS, and others need new iOS features. vastly unfullfilling. gimme hardware that never gets out of date, needs an upgrade, virus scan, malware removal tool, hard drive wipe, OS reinstall, and finally new computer; because it’s all gotten too slow to use anymore anyway.

as long as I don’t need to upgrade my laptop ; i’ll have Plaits until the hardware dies too badly to fix.