Stand suggestion for small keyboard

I’m looking for a small, lightweight, and easily foldable keyboard stand to put up a 3-octave keyboard synth (Waldorf Micro Q, 62 cm wide, 33 cm deep, 4.5 kg) at a standing height. Regular keyboard stands would work find, but seem a bit like overkill since they’re often made for much wider and much heavier devices. Can anyone recommend a nice or smart alternative?

Like this?

The genuine “Zäpfle”-stand !

I like the multi-functionality of that solution, but sadly it’s not foldable.

You don’t care for foldability after half a box of its content….

I will the next morning. :frowning:

If you buy the cheapest version keyboard stand from K&M from aluminium they are actually better suited for a small and light synth than a big one.

Keys stand for Kids

I’ve looked at that stand for kids, but it only goes up to 75cm in height.

I do agree that the simplest and cheapest x-stand is probably the best option.

Especially check the weight of the stand but it’s not mentioned with all stands at musicstore…

Might be worth a look into percussion tables or maybe even orchestral music stands? I use an old drum practice pad as a mixer stand at home, the hardware is nice and solid but I don’t have it higher than my desk. Just a thought!

@elthorno Looked into a solution like that, but I am afraid it won’t be stable enough to play a 3-octaves keyboard comfortably, esp. while using aftertouch.

If you have access to a table or something like that, a laptop stand actually makes a pretty good keyboard stand for smaller keyboards(like the Miniak with its 37 keys). Depending on which one you get it might be a bit flexible downward, but that’s not particularly bad on mine…

I have one a bit like this (older version of the same stand, I think):

Again, might be overkill. It doesn’t fold up, as such, but it does come apart relatively easily, and the removable bits can be shoved inside the main tube, so it can be packed away into a relatively small space quite easily.