5s. A blank of more than that is interpreted as a pause in the clock and the lfo resets at the next pulse.


Curious, since i have my stages at home and can´t try it out.
Can it function like a mixer or volume control for cv´s and not only gates?
Can i use my Stages as a middle step between modulation source and target, to use the sliders as level controls for the signal before i pass it on?
I have a Zadar and Pamela but they are so fiddly to adjust depth/levels in when “performing”.
I´m thinking maybe like a 6ch Shades or similar? Is that possible?


No, the module doesn’t work as a mixer or as an attenuator. This kind of function doesn’t go well with the core logic of the module, which is one segment = one function independent from the other segments, or one segment = one element of a chain of segments, active one after the other.


Alright, thanks for the explanation. :clinking_glasses:


Does the firmware update procedure requires calibration afterwards, when using a wav files generated this way? Or the factory calibration data won’t be destroy this way? Thanks! /cc @pichenettes


Calibration data is not destroyed by firmware updates.