Did you get your Stages order from them? I’m wondering where they are getting new inventory of them since Émilie says it’s discontinued and all of them were shipped in June and early July.

Yes, it arrived a week ago. It was new, with the manual, etc., in the box. I have no idea why they still had stock. Maybe no one else looked there? They have a time machine? Aliens? Who knows? :slight_smile:

At the risk of saying something obvious: I don’t have any traceability on the modules once they are sent to dealers, and it is the dealer’s responsibility to sell them. So when I say that all Stages have been shipped in June and July, it is only on my end, in the context of the transactions between a module designer and a store. Doesn’t mean that I know the fate of all these products.

When I mark a product as discontinued on the site, it means that Mutable Instruments doesn’t have any inventory left. It doesn’t mean that the module ceased to exist at every dealer simultaneously.

Corollary: I can’t answer your “which store still has this module in stock?” questions.

Yeah, good point. It seemed people might be speculating (hoping) another batch is happening from what the dealer said. It could be this shop has some of the previous inventory and the last batch took longer to get to them or I guess aliens, etc.

Just to chime back in, they confirmed and shipped my order yesterday and it seems like they have some stock online after being marked as sold out last week (although it said that when I initially made my order and they were out). It’s worth emailing and checking, probably the last best chance to grab one!

indeed. my Thomann order had a delivery date for September/October and a few weeks back they had stock but not listed and they spontaneously shipped out my Stages.

I guess this shop got also a few Stages and selling now the last ones and may not know by now that Mutable is discontinued.

Jumping back in to say I’ve updated this a bit. Still not nearly done, but got quite a few patches down now in the Envelope, Sequencer and Sequential Switch categories. Use the index to the left to jump to something you think is interesting.

I’ll continue adding patches sporadically, you can see I still have some notes I need to format at the bottom. If you have a favorite Stages patch that’s not covered, feel free to let me know!


Thanks a million for this patch book!!

my personal most used setting is AD enveloppe with EOC out, so it can be triggered or self patched to loop and do most of MATH tricks, so its green green red

A tlittle thing undocumented, ened up using all the time: single segment AND logic

  • send a gate source into red looping gate input, with fader to zero, so any gate recieved will emmit the fader value of 0V… but…
  • send a second gate into the cv input of this segment to modulate the fader value
  • there you have a gate device that will only be high when both gate source is high… AND gate

That’s great, thanks! I’ll make sure to add when I have time :slight_smile: