Stages: use of dummies by a dummy

Hey there! Stage maze problem here
So I don’t know what I am doing wrong: I’m building my Stage patch from right to left, as I understood it was the way to do so.

  • my 6th segment is a free runing lfo (green looping, no gate in)
  • my 5th segment is a slew limiter (yellow, no gate in, cv mod)
  • my 4th segment is another free running lfo

I want to create a 3 step sequence with the 3 segments I have left (yellow with 1st one gated) but when I send the gate into seg1, it goes through the 6 stages.

I do understand why it’s happening, but I don’t know how to prevent it. Whenever I try to break the chain with a dummy, it breaks my lfos and slew, or create new group with it…

My temporary conslusion is:

  • make all your ungated segment from left to right
  • make all your gated segments and group grom right to left

Yes that’s the way to do it! Anything free-running at the left of the gated/triggered stuff on the right.


thank you :slight_smile: maybe it’s already in the manual but I couldn’t find it. this is a trick that worth to be mentionned

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