Stages upside down?


I love my stages but it would be so nice to have it upside down in the lowest row of my 7U case with easier access to all the buttons and sliders when fully patched. I could of course just mount it like that, but then the sliders would be reversed…

How hard would it be (if at all possible) to reverse the slider direction in software?

Reversing the slider direction is easy. But would it be enough? There are a couple of tricky details to take into account if you also want the patching logic (segment grouping) to be inverted too. And even more to handle the chaining correctly!

Totally forgot about the patching and all the advanced rules. Should have thought about it for more than a few seconds before blurting out my foolish dreams… :blush: If there ever was a complete alternate upside down version I would love it but, alas, I fear it will remain only in my dreams.

All modules should come with an upsidedown doppelgänger.